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Growing from a young lady into a woman is a journey. We lay our own path brick by brick as we venture through goals that weren’t always within our reach. From the womb, women are expected to be accommodating, therapeutic, and graceful. There are many other traits we are supposed to have, but I choose to highlight these three simply because they have each played a major role in how I have evolved in my 9-to-5 and in my own business.

I like to believe that anyone has the ability to do whatever they put their mind to- as long as they have the patience to see it through. Nothing happens overnight and with that in mind, it is all about what you do the day or night before that sets your path for what’s to come. To be happy while achieving your goals, one must find the space that is most accommodating- your work space included. It is possible to 100% love your job without being an entrepreneur and it also possible to have your 9-to-5 work in harmony with your own business. As previously stated, however, it takes patience and diligence to see things through. I like to say I work from 9 to 9, but the weekends are mine. This gives me the time to focus on what I need to and the space to work on both.

Things became therapeutic for me once I got a handle on how to balance my well-being and work life. From 9 to 5 I am an Art Director at the American Bar Association and from 5 until whenever (plus all the moments in between), I am the owner and art director of 0514Design. Often, people don’t know that I have a 9 to 5 job because once you become centered and organized things routinely fall into place. You begin to really know what you can handle and what will not stress you. You must find a routine that suits you and your lifestyle. I found what helped me most is sitting at my desk every morning and writing down every task that I need to complete. Scratching out those tasks throughout the day gives me satisfaction in knowing that I am being productive with my time.

Once I found my routine, I realized that I had the ability and grace to handle both my daily job and my business. To be honest, there is really nothing better than having multiple streams of income. In the beginning, your process may not be as graceful but, you will soon find that you have attached an added value to the business you bring. Move in the direction that allows you to see a return on your investments mentally, physically, and financially. I set goals this year to exceed my current income, pay off debts, and own a condo and I give equal credit to my 9-to-5 and my own hustle in scratching those goals off my list.

In the end, I consider myself to be a woman with balance. I always choose to be happy and follow my own lead. You cannot allow others, or the pressures of social media to dictate what’s best for you. In this world you are always going to own multiple hats- now is the time to stack those hats on top of each other and learn to keep them balanced.

Lived and written by Tahiti Moran

October 2, 2019

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