HERstory: Olajumoke Adekoya

Below is an image I made in early 2019.  It summarizes the many roles I play in my life.

Before I was mature enough to accept that I am not one of those people who was only good at one thing, I used to be a bit apologetic and ashamed to tell people how full my plate is or how many hats I’ve chosen to put on.  I once had someone tell me “must you be the jack of all trades…”.  They probably didn’t mean it in a negative way but I remember that comment affecting me; it made me self-conscious and not only that, it somehow brought this fear that I was doing too much, and therefore couldn’t do the important things well.  I was afraid I would fail as a mother and a wife.

Anyway, I’ve overcome that fear and have come to acknowledge myself as a great mother, and a loving wife. I’ve accepted myself as “the jack of many trades”, and continuously strive to be my best self (not perfect) in all my endeavors.  Having the opportunity to know and meet new women who like me, successfully live a full life whether as a wife, mother, career woman and or entrepreneur, has also been very encouraging.  This in itself is a reminder to not be the woman that shuts other women down, but rather, the one that gives them a voice.

My message to women at any phase of their lives, is to be who you are, and be all of it.  Becoming a wife or a mother shouldn’t put an instant limitation on your life or be a farewell to your career goals and dreams.

If anything, it should be the start of breaking the limitations that society or anyone has long placed on you. Don’t get me wrong, you will definitely have to prioritize and shift some things around, but you don’t have to cut in half the visions and dreams that God has placed in your heart.  Live a full life, a life that is full of you...the whole of you...nothing left behind.

Love always,

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